10,000 Miles with a Lagoon 450 during 1 year

brian's flagbrian&andrewBrian Fitzpatrick & Andrew Starr

Congratulations from Naos Yacht Sales to Brian Fitzpatrick and his mate Andrew Starr. They just completed a long journey together from France to California, their end destination. Brian bought this boat one year ago precisely to bring it back to America. They crossed 26 countries during their trip, which has been like discovering new worlds for both of them. France, Pays Basque, Spain, Portugal, Canaria Islands, Santa Lucia, Sainte Vincent, Grenadine, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Colombia, Dutch ABCs, San Blas Islands, Bolivie, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA. map When I saw Brian for the first time, I asked him which place or country did he prefer. His answer was: “I have a lot of favorite places; my boat is a way to go on the water, only when the water is warm. With this Lagoon 450 we have comfort everywhere.” The nice part about cruising is you can plan to only go to places where the water is warm! Something very exceptional was that Andrew had just a week of basic sailing lessons before this trip in Berkeley; he had never sailed before. Truly, sailing even oceans is something that is a possibility for just about anyone with the right mindset. Bryan’s thinking is “Take your time”. While they were always one of the last boats to leave their anchorage, they often came in first because of their faster Lagoon 450. That’s a fantastic way to live and cruise; be last to leave and first to arrive at a new anchorage. One of their best stories was at Saint Lucia, in Rodney Bay during Christmas day. Brian had accumulated a lot of gifts and candies from all their stops, and they brought them as gifts to the local village and distributed them to all the children. The great part is with Brian’s long white beard and big round belly he looks a lot like Santa Claus. This brought on many smiles with each treat he handed out.


This is a sample of what they told me during a lunch with the Naos Yacht Sales team on their first day back in California. They received us on their Lagoon 450 with a yellowtail on the barbecue and some squash from the Canary Islands. A great meal! Thanks for sharing your stories, Brian and Andrew.   You want to know more about This Inncredible journey: http://inncrediblesealodge.com/blog/   Marius from Naos Yacht Sales marius@naosyachtsales.com naosyachtsales.com teamnaos* Marius Touet – I’m the Naos Yacht Sales intern for the next 4 months. I joined Naos as part of my curriculum for a business school I am attending in France. I am studying entrepreneurship, marketing and came to America to improve my English. I was born in a sailing family, which is why I love boating. I am very happy to learn from Naos Yacht Sales and live in Los Angeles for this period of time.