The 2017 Beneteau Rendezvous

  • Two Harbors, Catalina Island

The Beneteau Rendezvous is a glorious event that brings together Beneteau owners from all over the California coast. It takes place in Two Harbors, Catalina over the span of one weekend. Jam-packed with races, seminars, games, parties, food and drink, the Rendezvous is surely an experience that every Beneteau Owner in the area must indulge in.

This year we will have two departure times for Los Angeles sailors: The first is 1:00 PM on Thursday and the other is 11:00 AM on Friday. The moorings at Catalina Island are on a "first come, first served" basis. Please register as early as possible, so we can get a "boat count". This event has been the highlight of the summer for our Beneteau owners, team and families and we thank all of you for your past attendance. 

Click the link below for the booking page: