SailTime is a fractional (lease-share) program allowing members 1/8 use of a new 35 to 45 ft Beneteau yacht in Marina del Rey, CA. SailTime Marina del Rey manages the yacht of your choice for you and relieves you of all the hassles of boat ownership including slip fees, maintenance and all it’s other financial obligations.

As a member, you’ll share time on the Beanteau yacht of your choice with a maximum of 7 other members for a fixed monthly fee. Scheduling time on the yacht is made simple using a real-time, on-line calendar, allowing you to make reservations up to a year in advance.

Worth noting is SailTime Marina del Rey’s service partnership with Naos Yachts, whose service department was chosen as best Lagoon service in the world in 2014. Naos is also the Beneteau Yachts representative for Los Angeles County and Hawaii and for new Lagoon catamarans for Southern California. Their team of expert’s passion for the sailing lifestyle is contagious.

Fractional Sailing

SailTime vs. Timeshare; The Essential Distinctions

Although the sharing of a valuable asset is similar, there are three distinct differentiators.

  1. No major upfront equity investment.
  2. No pay per usage fees
  3. No cleaning fees, unless you request it after a sail
  4. No fuel fees for basic usage
  5. No worries about selling your membership. Simply walk away or renew
  6. No Stress! We take care of that!

What’s Included – SailTime

The Membership Features

  • Sail guaranteed 7 days a month
  • Unlimited use of your Beneteau or Lagoon yacht when reserved within 36 hours
  • Borrowed time between months for reserving full weeks or weekends
  • A premier slip in Marina del Rey, California
  • One click online reservation system
  • Specialized deep cleaning service
  • Award winning maintenance provided by Naos Yachts Inc.
  • Free Fuelings
  • Free Pumpouts
  • Free Watertank fills
  • Free Seatow Assistance

The Breakdown

1 weekend day SailTime
1 weekend evening SailTime
3 weekday day SailTimes
2 weekday evening SailTimes
+ Unlimited use of your new Beneteau when reserved within 36 hours of a SailTime.

What is a “SailTime”?

A SailTime is either a 10:30am-6:00am or 6:00pm-10:30am reservation block.

The Beneteau oceanis 31

As the range entry model, the Oceanis 31 bears a strong family resemblance to its sisters. It combines elegance with ingenuity for maximum cruising pleasure and utmost ease. Truly a shimmering gem to experience on the sea.

Membership Rate: $695/month

The Beneteau oceanis 38

Sailing single-handed, as a couple or with family and friends, the Oceanis 38 is a day sailor’s dream. It’s sleek design and meticulously crafted proportions make it a powerfully exhilarating and adventurous cruising yacht.

Membership Rate: $895/month

the Beneteau Oceanis 45

The Oceanis 45 is the supreme luxury yacht of the fleet. It is truly an elegant vessel with the highest level of balance, convenience and performance. It accommodates your every last wish at the dock, in the harbor, or at sea.

Membership Rate: $1450/month