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Naos Yachts is the  representative for new Beneteau yachts for Los Angeles County and Hawaii and for new Lagoon catamarans for Southern California. Naos lists high-quality, pre-owned yachts here, as well. We have Beneteau, Lagoon and a host of pre-owned available to see today, and can help you find the yacht of your dreams, anywhere in the world. Click the pic to see our listings!

Naos Charter Club

Naos Charter Club

The Naos Charter Club is an exclusive and private sailing club model to provide our members charter privileges of our growing fleet, private sailing training and one-on-one sailing class.

Yacht Maintenance Service

Yacht Maintenance Service

Naos provides a full yacht maintenance service in Marina Del Rey, designed for peace of mind. Services include deck cleaning, complete monthly check up of all systems, deck hardware, hull, rigging, and engine and warranty work. Call us for a FREE Check Up!

Naos Racing

Naos racing

Members of Team Naos Racing have been competing in races for close to twenty years; in 2011 with a Beneteau First 40 we won the Cabo San Lucas race and finished second in the iconic Transpac. This year, with a First 30 we won our class. We can modify your boat for racing, whether for local or offshore.


Marc and Cecile G Testimonial

People say the 2 best days of boat ownership are the day you buy and the day you sell… this is not our experience. We had many many great days sailing Santa Monica Bay and going to Catalina. We bought a brand new Oceanis 34 in April 2010, the team at Naos made it a great experience, not only through the buying process, financing and insurance, or on delivery day, that’s easy; but day in day out over the years. With regular maintenance (those Beneteau’s are rock solid), constant advice, great service, introduction to other sailors, availability beyond the call of duty and they were fun to follow thru their own yacht races in the bay and across the Pacific and the Atlantic. Will we recommend them? Of course, we actually recommended them to ourselves! and just upgraded to a brand new Oceanis 38 last month!

Marc & Cecile G (from Coogee and Coogeetoo)

Phil R Testimonial

I have to give credit where credit is due.

I recently purchased a boat from Naos Yacht sales; an Oceanis 41 (Beneteau).

I was extremely impressed with every step of the process.

Last Monday, I stopped to look at the boat. Sitting on deck in the early evening with President Phillip Winter, we started talking price. As in any negotiation, there was a bit of back and forth, but, in the end, we stood up to walk into the office and draw up a deal – a very fair deal for a new boat with a better than average allowance on my trade-in. I was duly impressed.

By that Friday afternoon (four days later), I was sitting on my new boat. For any of you who have ever purchased a boat, you’ll understand that this is nearly impossible. They introduced me to an excellent loan broker and walked through the process like it had been choreographed from the start. I was awestruck.

Space does not permit me to elaborate, but, suffice it to say that the exchange went better than expected and the team was there to answer questions and help at every turn of the road. Gunner and Charles (the owner) shared my enthusiasm, encouraging me to fully inspect the boat, assuring me that their failsafe warranty was ironclad.

Even after delivering my very short list of requests, this level of service continues and I continue to appreciate their level of professionalism and prompt attention to detail.

Did I mention that I had also had dental surgury on the Tuesday after I struck the deal? The guys were understanding and accommodating. It couldn’t’ have gone smoother. I’ll be a longtime client. I recommend them for all of your boating needs. I team like this is hard to find.

Thank you a lot Phil, Happy Sailing!

Greg G Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern,

My family & I ( wife & 3 boys 3-11) were in the market for a yacht and had checked around with the local dealers. We were very impressed with the knowledge and attentiveness of the staff at Naos and decided to go with them. I had friends that shared their experiences and issues they had when going through the purchase and after purchase process. With the team at Noas we never had any of those issues.

We started off by researching the various vessels we were considering and then narrowed it down to the Beneteau Sense line. The family liked the open, bright, and well designed features of the Sense, along with the ease of sailing and performance. The staff at Naos listened to what we were looking for, and then worked with us on the pros and cons of each.

With a family of 5, siblings, parents, and friends we decided on the Sense 55. Our primary sales contact was Gunnar. Gunnar is very knowledgeable and always follows up to make sure everyone is satisfied and comfortable. When there was a question he was unsure of he always did the right thing and went to Phillip, Charlie, or Mike in service. Between the team all our questions and concerns were answered. They always followed through on what they said they would with the utmost integrity and thoroughness.

As we approached the final paperwork and delivery they were always on top of things, which was expected. What really sets the team at Naos apart is after the close. Each has been there to share their many years of sailing experience and to teach us all there is to know about our vessel. They have continued to support us with training, are always available to answer questions, and lend support.

With our purchase complete our contingencies were given to Mike to complete. Mike heads the service and maintenance at Naos. He has continued to exceed our expectations with making sure everything is operating as it should be and maintained to exacting standards. Mike, like the rest of the team, is always available to answer questions and help out.

It is truly rare to find the level of service and expertise that Naos has. It is rare I would feel comfortable recommending a purchase to someone, let alone the purchase to the magnitude a yacht can be. I can say with the utmost certainty that I would recommend Naos without hesitation. I wish them the best and continued success.


Greg G

  • Last week I was handed the horrible task of bringing a new Lagoon 39’ down from San Francisco (Alameda), to Marina del Rey. Or was it? Far from horrible!If you haven’t seen the new Lagoon 39’, get ready.This large accommodating cat has the owners layout, which comfortably accommodates six in (3) private staterooms, utili
  •   February 2014 Open House March 8th  12:00 to 5:00 Call: 310.821.8446 Come join us at our Open House, be the first to see the new 2014 Beneteau Oceanis 38 SAIL Magazine's "Best Boat 2014"     Brand new Beneteau inn
  • Strictly Sail Long Beach boat show begins tomorrow, Thursday, October 24th and runs through Sunday, October 27th. This year Naos Yachts will feature a full lineup of Beneteau and Lagoon yachts in the water and on land. Come and spend some time on the following yachts: 2013 Beneteau Sense 55  2011 Beneteau Oceanis 58 -
  • Adventuring even further with the new Beneteau Oceanis 45! Life onboard is all about harmony, precision and simplicity. The choices on the Oceanis 45 encourage you to take to the ocean in complete safety. Whether you are headed to Catalina Island for a few days, racing the Transpac or ready to take on the world, the Oceanis 4
  • Have you seen the changes in the new Lagoon 400? The S2 version has built on all of the design enhancements that has lead the Lagoon 400 to be one of the top selling catamarans in the world. The enhancements include additional comfort in the saloon, cabins and exterior. Come down to the Naos office at 13555A Fiji Way in Mari